Rebuilding is a community effort.

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Our mission is simple: to leverage community resources to help young people build success.



Today's young people are tomorrow's entrepreneurs, artists, inventors, writers & community leaders, but many lack access to the necessary professional opportunities, resources, & skills to pursue their dreams. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit committed to empowering youth. Success builds upon success. Our goal is community redevelopment, Block Buy Block.


Poverty is a reality for millions of young people in America. According to the 2014 Census, 40 percent of adolescents—9.7 million—live in low-income families.



Compared to adolescents in higher income families, young people in lower income families tend to have worse academic outcomes, lower graduation rates, and reduced future earnings.


Poor and low-income adolescents arrive at young adulthood in worse health, engaging in riskier and more dangerous behaviors, and with more limited career prospects than their more affluent peers.


Young people from poverty have the potential to make meaningful contributions to our society and economy, but often lack access to vital professional skills and opportunities.


“If young people are giving their best efforts toward success, then we owe them ours.”

Jason Mabee  |  Founder

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About Us

Block Buy Block was founded in March of 2017 by Jason Mabee, a lifelong public educator. Given two groups of mixed grade & ability levels & asked to teach two 90-minute courses called SAT Prep, he recognized the towering disconnect between the needs & dreams of his students & the resources available. The courses evolved to include film & novel study, social science & extended writing projects, culminating in individual business & career plans that were presented to an authentic audience of community members. The quality of their efforts & the depth of their potential literally brought tears.

But talking the talk wasn't enough. Actions always speak louder than words.

One year later, Block Buy Block is a fully incorporated 501 (c)(3) with a diverse and committed board of directors, a track record of providing career development opportunities for young people in the Baltimore/Washington metro area, and a clear vision for empowering at-risk youth for success.